Healing Rudraksha Bead and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Healing Rudraksha Bead and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


 Beautiful Shiva Rudraksha Bead and Malanchite Stone Bracelets  for Meditation and healing.


Rudraksha :  is a Sanskrit compound word consisting of Rudra and Aksa.Rudra is one of Shiva's Vedic names and Aksha means " teardrops ".Thus the name means "Lord Rudra's Teardrops.

Rudraksha helps in having calming effect on our heart and senses.

The Rudraksha exsert a right force around the heart which improvesits performance,controls the heart beat and maintains the blood circulation.It prevents heart attacks and high blood pressure.


Lapis Lazuli : Boots the immune sysstem ,purifies blood,lowers blood pressure,cooling and soothing areas of inflamation.It allevates insomnia and vertigo,and overcome depression.


Turquoise :Its a stone of protection ,strong and opaque,yet soothing to the touch,healing to the touch,healing to the eye.


Coral : is a mysterious sacred properties.It is a symbol of modesty,wisdom,happinesss and mortality. It is commonly known to remedy soasms of intestines,sleeplessness and bladder Stones.